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Portrait of a snail and a smile

white-lipped snail

My niece, who BTW gave me the name  Giiid because she couldn´t say Birgitte yet, asked me to take a photo of a snail that she had found in the garden.

These snails are everywhere, harmless with only a few enemies; birds and garden owners – (wikipedia). Wiki doesn´t mention their friends; the children, who loves to study the snail hiding / comming out of the shell. The snails would most likely be better served without this  interesse, but the children enjoy their found, no doubt.

White-lipped snail

After the snail photosession,  I asked my niece if I could take her photo. She refused, and I had to make fun with her, to get my picture. The camera is obviously not made for that kind of photography, but never mind, I got my smile.