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Apple 2


Strawberry season

strawberry jordbaer

The strawberry season has started, which means summer is here.
A good old summer-dessert, loved by most people is strawberry with sugar and cream. (Jordbær med fløde)Eaten outside in the sunshine, ofcourse. We have the strawberry, but the sunshine is missing…and the next days will be with rain all day, and 15C (59F).  (Hopefully not the next month!)

I have a photo in my archive from one of last years strawberry with cream-day, though the cream is replaced with milk, there are healt-fanatics everywhere 😉

strawberry with cream


another banana

another wet red surface


A healthy motive

The motive is not very original, but I just love the colours of oranges.  And this blog could use a little  orange vitamin supplement too, so once more – a picture from my kitchen.