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December 3

tulipan vinter 12 kopi


“Colorful assignment” preparation 1

…as many colorful photos as possible…. ( link )

My crop today was made out of this photo.


and the weather right now….


Blue hour tomatoes

Blue hour, – everyone knows about this phenomenon, but how many have given it a second thought? Photos taken right before sunrise or right after sunset shows very clear how the sky turns blue for a short time. Of all blue colours this is one of the very blue.

Blog friend Scott Thomas wrote about “Blue hour” at his blog some time ago, and I became more aware of it, that was interesting. Now Scott didn´t just mention blue hour, he also made it the subject of his 19th. assignment. Joining these assignments is one of the cosy moments of blogging. Danes loves cosy moments. Beside seeing what the other participants comes up with, which always is inspiring, it also is interesting to read the detailed review that Scott makes, mentioning each and every participant. I am impressed every time I see that long list.

Usually I take photos impulsively of whatever touches me, so making a plan about taking “blue hour” photos, long before blue hour has begun, was a bit of a challenge, but I  found that the view from my kitchen window could be the place. I had a plan. When the time came, and all I could see was some black trees, my enthusiasm disappeared, and I had to make a new plan. I decided to wake up early the next day, about 4 o´clock.

Sneaking around with a camera this early, trying not to wake anyone, is one thing, another is what the neighbors might think about an avid amateur photograph / crazy woman pointing her camera against their houses. I hope no one was up that early. The photos were not harrowing. Giving up popped up as a possibility.

As I went into my blue hour kitchen that evening, my eyes were caught by some delicious and very red tomatoes. Ecological, very tasty, and perhaps also photogenic? It wasn´t mentioned at the labeling. I gave it a try and became convinced that blue hours and I are going to have a lot more fun together from now on.
Two times thanks to Scott this time, one for making these fun assignments, and one for showing the way to a new playground.

Now I am curious to see the other submissions.


Another apple came my way. Since I learned that some types of apples doesn´t provoke an allergic reaction, -at least not a big one-, I have got a new subject to study closer.  The apples are: Pink Lady, Santana and Elise, and here is the news about that (in Danish) . Pink Lady is available in almost any shop here in Denmark, I haven´t seen the two others. If by any means this news should show up to be wrong, I don´t mind, it works for me. Good taste, good photo subject, and no doctors in sight.

Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.



Close-up assignment

This is my contribution to Scott Thomas´12th assignment “Close up photography”. If you are here for the first time, I will recomend you to go to Scotts blog where you can find a lot of information and tips about close-up photography, and you can enjoy the other contributers photos.


Nyboder, Copenhagen

A few snaps from “Nyboder” in Copenhagen, (close to a trainstation)  wich I was passing the other day.