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Light and shadow # 2

evening shadows on a road


snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.

February inspiration 27

winter aconite

Happy valentine´s day 2013

valentine red rose

February inspiration 11

snow kopi.and light

February inspiration

roses in light and shadow

January has ended and the last of the 3 winter month have started. A dark winter can be a challenge for the level of energy, and as I have been blogging since 2008, I have experienced more than once, a period with difficulties getting ideas and finding the right words, despite all the best will. It takes much more time to make a post if inspiration is missing, and most people feel in lack of time. I have noticed that this is a common issue, but so is the solution;-it is to read other blogs and find inspiration again. There are always someone who can push the creative button. Fellow bloggers have  inspired me many times, so my goal for this month is to post photos as pay back. I will try to find as colorful or strange photos as possible.
When it comes to answer comments, I apologize for being late sometimes, it is caused by the language barrier.

Assignment 23 Winter in Denmark


footprints in snow

plant with snow




red light

street with snow


Winter in Denmark, sometimes bright with beautiful sunrises and tracks in the snow, sometimes just dark and cold, and a longing for being able to start gardening again. We have to wait at least some months before that will be possible.
This post is my contribution to Scott Thomas assignment 23, “Winter”.



dryed rose kopi


Frost again

lyserød blomst

ice on a window

Frost again, and this time it will last until March, says the meteorological system. All there is to do is wait for better times, think of summer and participate in Scott Thomas´s newest assignment: “Winter”. It shouldn´t be difficult, inspiration is everywhere. Unfortunately much longer than deadline for the assignment which is January 23.

Assignment 23: Winter