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From top left to right:

1. A bit  of a yellow flower, some kind of weed I guess. It found it on a walk, while looking for things to photograph for the blog.
2. A withered hibiscus flower from the plant I have from my mother’s house.
3. This is a fossilized sea urchin, my sister found it when my father excavate for the basement, many years ago.
4. A feather I found in my garden.
5. A type of stone called Porfyr, wich can be found at the beach. This one is from our summer place in Jutland.
6. I found this tiny – and deserted –  wasps nest in my little barn, some years ago .  I made a post about it in 2008.
7. A green autumn leaf from  the garden.
8. My niece found this snail, and asked me to take some pictures of it. I made a post last year with the photos.
9. This is the fragile shell of a sea urchin,  my husband found it at a beach once.

I made this collage for my sister, who needed an illustration for a report  about the merge of 3 Danish museums: the Botanical, the Zoological and the Geological.  This explains the  choise of these photos; 3 for each museum. 🙂