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December 6

I promised Mrs. Uhdd to post the recipe for RISENGRØD, a kind of ricepudding, the favorite dish for all Nisser. Long time ago, rice was very exclusive food, and therefor the best thing to give the farm-Nisse in December, to prevent him from being mad, to tease – or in worst case to leave the farm and take all happiness away.

In December you can find many families place a little bowl with ricepudding at the ceiling, to please the nisse. The interesting part of this action is when the children later want to see how much the nisse has eaten. There is a lot “sneaking around at ceilings” in December, after childrens bedtime.

Now to the recipe. This rice is the type we call porridge-rice, not ordinary white rice. It takes about an hour to make the food, and about an hour to clean the pot, if you forget to look after the boiling milk.
190 gram rice
2 -3 dl. water
1 liter Milk
1 teaspoon salt

Served with sugar, cinnamon and butter. And of course a Nisse-beer.

Boil the water. Add rice into boiling water . Boil for 2 minutes. Add milk and salt. Boil about 35 minutes. That´s all.

The best part is adding sugar with cinnamon and butter…very tasty! No wonder that both nisser and almost all children love risengrød. Im nor sure about the sneaking folks.

From Wikipedia:


Nisseøl (literally elf beer) is a dark, sweet hvidtøl (white beer) which is sold around Christmas time in Denmark. The name come from the nisser (mythical creatures of Scandinavian folklore) who are often depicted on the beer labels. It is not to be confused with julebryg, which is a much stronger Danish Christmas beer.

Assignment invitation

Scott Thomas has made a new assignment, this time it is on  Food Photography. If you would like to join, please go to Scott´s blog here and read about the details. Post your photo before 26 January at midnight. My pizza above was still not ready to be eaten when this photo was taken, just like my contribution to this assignment. I´m working on it to the last moment. It will be interesting to see food from all over the world, so please join the party.

A Japanese new year greeting.

Look how elegant a new year meal  can be. The arrow is for good luck.
Fresh photos from my friend Sumire in Japan.

Strawberry season

strawberry jordbaer

The strawberry season has started, which means summer is here.
A good old summer-dessert, loved by most people is strawberry with sugar and cream. (Jordbær med fløde)Eaten outside in the sunshine, ofcourse. We have the strawberry, but the sunshine is missing…and the next days will be with rain all day, and 15C (59F).  (Hopefully not the next month!)

I have a photo in my archive from one of last years strawberry with cream-day, though the cream is replaced with milk, there are healt-fanatics everywhere 😉

strawberry with cream

December 18


Christmas is a busy time!  Now we have to make some traditional chokolates (christmas-candy) made out of marzipan, chokolate, and nougat. Take a look here to see some results.

December 12

Pebernødder (pepper – nuts) is one of the Christmas biscuits that are everywhere those days. They are very small, only 2 cm in diameter. Pebernødder has been made  for Christmas in Denmark since 1700, before that time they were caled pebercakes. Those were known as far back as in 1400.

They were/can be made of  rye or wheat flour, sweetened with honey or syrup and added spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom – and sometimes pepper.

We have an expression for a job being very easy to do, or something being very cheep to buy: “This  is pebernødder”.

Here is the simpel recipe:

250 gr. Flour
175 gr. butter
½ tsp. white peper
1 tsp. vanilla
125 gr. sugar
Lemon peel

Mix everything, then make small round cakes in the size of a nut.
In the oven at 200 degree C, in about 8 – 10 minutes.

And here is an old one:
375 gr. Flour
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. ginger (powder)
1/8 tp. peber
125 gr. butter
125 gr. brown sugar
1 egg
4 tsp. cream
1 tsp. syrup
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp. cloves
Mix  Flour, baking powder, ginger and peper. Add cold butter in small pieces. In another bowl: mix brown sugar and egg, add cream. Add the flour mix to this eggmix, and finish the pastry. Part the pastry in two. Add syrup, cinnamon and nelliker to one of the parts. Save the pastry in a cold place for a while.
Making the cakes:

Put flour on the table, and make some long thin “sausages”. Cut those every 2 cm. In a warm oven, 15 minuter at 225 degree C

December 11


This day, 11 of December has a strange name; “Birthday of the devil”. The 11 of June has the same name. It is not of any religious reason, but because those two days were selected as settling days, (paying taxes and rent for the house) back in 1888 or even before. Noone cares about this name anymore, I think.

I have promised to find a recipe for Æbleskiver and one for Gløg. (I have to find the best ones first, as there are SO many…comming soon)

Well, lets start. As there are so many different recipes, I have chosen some from my mothers old cooking book:

Variation 1. (For 6 persons.)

250 gr. flour
1 tsp. sugar
a little salt
25 gr. yeast
4½ dl. cream or milk
3 or 4 eggs

Mix flour, sugar and salt. Warm the cream/milk to max 37 dg. and mix it with the yeast. Mix it with the flour/sugar/salt. Put eggs into the dough, one at a time. Let the dough rest in 2 hours.
If you don´t have yeast, you can use baking powder. If you do so, you don´t need to warm the cream/milk.

After 2 hours, warm up the Æbleskive pan, and fill every hole, about 3/4. When it turns brown, move the æbleskive around , use some kind of thin stick. You can put a piece of apple or apple jam inside.

Version 2 from the old book.

250 gr. flour
3½ dl. milk
4 eggs
175 gr. melted butter
1 spoonful beer
a little salt
25 gr. sugar

Mix flour with half of the milk,  then use the ingredients in this order: the mixed egg yolk, the melted butter, the beer, the salt, the sugar, the rest of the milk, and then the stiff whipped egg whites. This dough can be used at once.

Eat the  Æbleskiver with floursugar and jam.

 You can see (and buy) the pan at this link , send by Anjeanette  in a comment here. In Denmark Æbleskiver is only Christmas food.


another banana

another wet red surface