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november collage 1 700X699

Scott  Views Infinitum has made a new assignment, this time the theme is “November”. Please join if you like.

November in Denmark means increasing darkness, bad weather and not many people at the streets. This year, we have had only 3 (three) hours of november-sunshine. My collage is made by photos taken the past days, sorry for the missing optimism. I´ll make a more colorfull as my next post.

I´ve said it before; this kind of weather is a good reason to stay inside and HYGGE, with a lot of christmas cakes and candy. Did I tell you that christmas is here? Well it is – in the shops! And we, -the customers- are easy to persuade buying it all, in the name of  HYGGE. No one can see the extra weight it causes anyway, in these dark months.