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December 5


December 10

Traditional Christmas cookies, there are a lot. One of them is PEBERNØDDER, “pebbernuts”, they are small, spicy and crispy, that kind of eatable things that can be impossible to stop eating. The chrispy level is very high. That explains why I once more have to use an old photo, even though I have had quite a lot of bags in the house lately.

The simple recipe of Pebernødder is here:

250 gr. Flour

175 gr. butter
½ tsp. white peper
1 tsp. vanilla
125 gr. sugar
Lemon peel

Mix everything, then make small round cakes in the size of a nut.
In the oven at 200 degree C, in about 8 – 10 minutes.

If you want the more complicated, please look at my old post  from 2008.

(nb. Perhaps I should warn you that I use to forget at least one of the ingredients if I bake, so there is no guarantee for succes!)


December 12

Yesterday, we passed the royal palaces, on our way to the church concert. Just as we reached the square, “Amalienborg slotsplads” where the queen and her family are living, the clock was 12, and the soldiers came back from their daily walk through the Copenhagen streets, to make changing of the guard.

Where is everyone…

…in the bus? This is typical Danish summerweather, rain and sun.


Dark summer evening

We have had sunshine for weeks and weeks, and no water at all…until now. The weather have changed into normal Danish summer! The plants are delighted.

A clear and double rainbow

This double rainbow (no photo shop involved)  suddenly appeared at the sky this evening. I don´t think that I have ever seen such clear colours at a rainbow before.

Warm sunday in the garden

 red rose