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Dec 24


Dec 24 is the big day that every one has been waiting for, of several reasons. The children obviously because of all the gifts which will be delivered by Santa Claus or just the giver after the Christmas dinner.

Let me show you some photos of other reasons to look forward to the evening, “Flæskesteg, brunede kartofler, rødkål and Ris a la manede” the traditional Christmas dinner.




The “flæskesvær” pork rinds MUST be very crispy, otherwise the dinner is seen as half failed. I imagine that one of the top seach words at Google around dinnertime, at a level close to cause a server break down, could be “how to make crispy pork rinds”.


Small boiled potatoes on a very warm pan, in a mix of sugar and butter. it is not exactly easy to make, but most of all, very very hot, and a “go away children” project, demanding concentration.

Red salad MUST be like mother used to make it.


Ris a la mande MUST even more be like mother used to make it. This can be a matter of discussion, since there in most families will be two old mothers-recipe to refer to.

There is 1 almond in the bowl, and though that most guests have eaten enough before the dessert, everyone start the big search, in the hope to find the almond, and get the gift, “Mandelgaven”.


Thank you for following my December Christmas calendar, which I made again this year because some of you other bloggerstold me that you enjoyed to see it.

Thank you also for the many likes and nice comments you wrote. It all made the dark December and Christmastime a bit more joyful,

I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Dec 22

marzipan Danish Christmas candy

Marcipan og nougat

Christmas confectionery, – marzipan, nougat, dates, and melted chocolate.


December 6

julebog om nisser

The story about nisser are kept alive in many ways, by word of mouth or as here, by stories told in books. Nisser are popular and welcome, but only in December and until Christmas – December 24.

December 8

marzipan Danish Christmas candy

December 14


Another Nisse…


Strange Danish behaviour around New Year

I´ve just heard from CNN that Danes enjoy themself at New year eve by throwing dishes at the frontdoor of their neighbors, – an act that are supposed to mean friendship *1)  If you should ever be celebrating a New Year here, do not try to make friends by throwing dishes, you will get a very lonely evening, and a lot of enemies.

If you avoid the temptation of throwing your dishes, and instead of this decide to use them for a New Year menu, don´t make   “Kale with sprinkled sugar and cinnamon with white sauce”, *2) people will use any excuse to leave your party, and you´ll have to eat it all by yourself. Bon appetite.


Marzipan ring cake and champagne  is a must at 12 o´clock.  That is for sure.