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December 20

Christmas tree special

I told you not to be late about buying a Christmas tree…!

December 15

2015-12-05 16.20.19

December 13

Lucia with candles

A few words about the Lucia tradition here

December 12

nisser med lys

December 11

Danish sild Herring2

Danish sild herring

Danish sild Herring 1

Today is one of the big days for the traditional “Christmas lunch”, which not necessarily is a lunch, but absolutely supposed to be a fun and happy party. All companies are having a “Christmas lunch” in December. Family lunches and those made for friends will be in the week ends. If the menu is a Danish lunch with ryebread, there will be at least 3 kind of herring, for a start.

December 9

Marcipan Denmark

Christmas candy, marcipan and nougat.

December 8

nisse with oranges 480X479

December 7

Danish cookies jødekager 2

Danish cookies jødekager

Christmas cookies – Jødekager, taste delicious. I used my own old recipe, but you can find a very nice one in english at My Danish Kitchen

December 1

december 1 b 2015i

First day of December, and time to light the “calendar-candle”, with the 24 numbers on. One for each day until the big day, the 24th, where families are getting together to celebrate Christmas with dinner, dancing around the Christmas tree, and exchanging presents. 24 days very busy days to go. I will show you some of the Christmas preparations in the following blogposts. Welcome to my Christmas calendar 2015