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Dec 7





I think we need something to eat now, after all these Nisser. Christmas lunch. December is a busy month in many ways, one of them is all the festive Christmas lunches one have to attend. At work, with family, with friends, with every group one is connected to. A Christmas lunch is as a matter of course. First dish is all kind of Herring and snaps – a 30 – 40 percent alcoholic drink. In small glass, – to empty in one try.

There are extra busses and trains to bring people safely home!

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december 21

nisse resting 2 b

December 21

risengrod ricepudding 480X471

Risengrød – Ricepudding for people and for nisser. It is important to give the house nisse his rice pudding, otherwise he could be irritated and perhaps even mad. When we walk around the Christmas tree, we sing songs, one of them is about the nisse on the loft and his rice pudding. Well, I understand if you find such a song  a bit odd for Christmas eve, but the nisse is probably quite satisfied, and we got used to it.

Would you like to hear it? På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød

December 18

Danish Christmasheart Danish Christmasheart2

Making traditional Christmas hearts (Pleated Christmas hearts) for the tree. They can be filled with candy.


December 10


risengrod ricepudding 480X471

rice pudding risengrød 480X480

Long time ago, rice was very exclusive food, and therefor the best thing to give the farm-Nisse in December, to prevent him from being mad, to tease – or in worst case to leave the farm and take all happiness away.

In December many families places a little bowl with rice pudding at the loft, to please the nisse. The interesting part of this action is when the children later want to see how much the nisse has eaten. There is a lot “sneaking around at ceilings” in December, after children´s bedtime.

Now to the recipe. This rice is the type we call porridge-rice, not ordinary white rice. It takes about an hour to make the pudding, and about an hour to clean the pot if you forget to look after the boiling milk.
190 gram rice
2 -3 dl. water
1 liter Milk
1 teaspoon salt

Served with sugar, cinnamon and butter. And of course a nisse-beer, which is a sweet non alcoholic beer.

Boil the water. Add rice into boiling water . Boil for 2 minutes. Add milk and salt. Boil about 35 minutes. That´s all.

The best part is when it comes to adding sugar/cinnamon and butter…very tasty! No wonder that both nisser and almost all children love risengrød. I´m not sure about the sneaking folks though.

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December 5


Nisser for sale, outside a shop. They don´t seem to mind waiting for a good home…

December 2


Already behind schedule, – we forgot to lit the Christmas countdown candle yesterday, so today has to be a double session.

Candles with print were sold for the first time in 1942, before that time, people used to draw 24 lines on a white candle, – or light a little candle every day, to count the days till Christmas eve.

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December 24

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

December 23