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December 16

Christmas candy house

Once again, children and their parents have had a great time at my sisters home, decorating gingerbread houses.


December 13

This video and its music is made by Danish composer Kåre Bjerkø.

“Julestue” (directly:Christmas-livingroom) is the name of a Christmas event made for friends and family with the purpose of having a cozy time together, bake cakes, play games, make decorations, sing songs or as you can see at this video of Julestue at my sister Tone´s home, make gingerbread.

One could almost call it a workshop, this tradition which is more than 1000 years old, originally made to keep folks awake before the midnight mass. Over the years, people invented several interesting games to play at “Julestuer” including drinking lots of beer, which made it all become such a great party that the king in 1683 decided to forbid all outrageous fun around Christmas.

It was a hard job to stop people having fun, so the next king had to make a new law in 1730, and yet another in 1735. I suppose the kings gave up, at least there are julestuer all over the little kingdom today.

December 10

Traditional Christmas cookies, there are a lot. One of them is PEBERNØDDER, “pebbernuts”, they are small, spicy and crispy, that kind of eatable things that can be impossible to stop eating. The chrispy level is very high. That explains why I once more have to use an old photo, even though I have had quite a lot of bags in the house lately.

The simple recipe of Pebernødder is here:

250 gr. Flour

175 gr. butter
½ tsp. white peper
1 tsp. vanilla
125 gr. sugar
Lemon peel

Mix everything, then make small round cakes in the size of a nut.
In the oven at 200 degree C, in about 8 – 10 minutes.

If you want the more complicated, please look at my old post  from 2008.

(nb. Perhaps I should warn you that I use to forget at least one of the ingredients if I bake, so there is no guarantee for succes!)


December 7

Nisser in all shapes and sizes are for sale in December. My mother had an eye for things with a special appeal,  for example this little nisse-girl and nisse-boy, who I used to see in her house around Christmas. They now lives in my house.

This is a simple model partly made with a pipe cleaner, old style, probably too simple to a modern nisse consumer. In my childhood they were everywhere, but that is of course a long time ago.

This nisse wife is joining a nisse party at a mall. I don´t know what she is doing with that white thing, perhaps it is list for wishes…it reminds me of some kind of pasta, but I´ve never heard of nisser eating italian food.



December 4

The tradition of buying Danish Christmas seals, and by that give money to help sick children, is more than 100 years old. Every year they have a new illustration,  this year is a collection of some of the best known old “kravlenisser” “climbing nisser” made by Frederik Bramming, the father of these famous nisser.

December 23


Busy day! I almost was too late to write this post before midnight. We are  preparing the food for tomorrow, the gifts, the nice clothes…this evening is called “lille juleaften”  (Little Christmas eve), some families and some friends meet to have a nice dinner or just a cosy evening together.