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According to the calender, spring is here. I went out to my favorite reflection-bucket, to see if there were any sign of it  from above.



For some unknown reason, it suddenly became possible to enlarge photos at this blog. I have no idea why, but never mind, I´m just pleased that it works again. Here is some ice, to cool down the tulip fire at my last post.



Tulip light


Snow again. I´ll  turn my tulip lamp on.

Happy Valentine day

blue snow

Not much red and hearts to see in this picture, but Valentine day is still not realy a Danish tradition, even it is close to be. If my husbond should come home with a Valentine gift today, I will change my assessment  🙂 .



Every sign of spring is covered with snow today!  I´m glad that I have my tulips…

Spring in 3 weeks…

spring on its way

sunshine at green leave

…we are ready, and have enjoyed the rehearsal today.

Koncerthuset – inside

koncerthuset-outside koncerthuset-inside koncerthuset-inside koncerthuset-inside
koncerthuset-garderoben koncerthuset-garderobeoutside koncerthuset

There are 4 studios in the new concert hall “Koncerthuset” in Copenhagen.  These photos are from a visit  in studio 2.

Text copy: 
Studio 2 can house approx. 500 audiences and is constructed from beech and wholly black materials. The beech walls carry pictures of musicians, conducters and composers who share or have shared a special connection with Danes and DR

A little bit of snow

Wooden shoes in snow

Hmnn…this wooden shoes doesn´t quite have the standard for footwear, that Gerry recomend in this post ment for the English blog friends, who are covered in snow at the moment. 


Never mind, this isn´t  real winter, with its real snow anyway! England has it all..