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October leaf

oktoberblad gult kopi


Colorful assignment

The subject for this assignment is colors in photography. Beside inviting everyone to join, Scott Thomas has also posted several links at his blog leading to articles about this particular subject. Readers at my blog will know that I am very happy about colors, and Scotts announcement of his new assignment has been a welcoming reason to post colorful pictures without any other reason than just preparing for the final assignment. (see previous posts)

Despite this playful posting, I actually understand the meaning of the assignment a bit different, – as a question of taking photos where the color are making the point. I have made two of my humble photos in black/white to show what I mean, but if you want to see a real master, take a look here – Bryan F. Peterson.

Since I have been looking for colorful subjects the past weeks, I have a few more photos for this assignment.

Thank you one more time to Scott Thomas, for making it extra fun to blog.

“Colorful assignment” preparation 1

…as many colorful photos as possible…. ( link )

My crop today was made out of this photo.

I found a single leaf at the lawn…

…autumn is impossible to ignore any longer.

Happy Valentine´s day

Decreasing light

tulips summer and autumn

Tulips at daytime, all of them red, placed in the same vase, in the same window, but not at the same time of year! Slowly we are getting used to see colors change or dissappear. The “summertime” has ended, which means that mornings are plus 1 hour brighter, – but afternoons are plus 1 hour dark. Sunrise today 7:17 am.  sundown 4:46 pm. The most positive to say about the darkness, is that ones wrinkles are toned down for a while.

Thank you

roseleaves and flowers

Thank you everyone for sending me your birthday-greetings, I have enjoyed receiving all the nice and humorous words. I also enjoyed the comments  I got during my trip to Jutland. That mobile internet-modem that we brought was actually fun to have….when it was available ofcourse. A good motivator to get up early…

Holiday is over, children have started school and their parents have started working again. I´m looking forward to continue blogging, reading your blogs and see your all summerphotos.

I hope you have had a wonderful and refreshing holiday, and feel ready continuing your blogging.

After the rain

RGB with lines

 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3