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A new and energy efficient year

January is usually a very dark and colorless month. And cold. January this year does not seem to try being different in any way, I would say it tries to please this statistic by being more dark and more boring than the other January´s. On top of this, saving bulbs have taken over the Danish bulb marked, and the EU law made it impossible to get a good old incandescent bulb. A dark winter and saving bulbs…why not just sleep until spring.

You should see how many bulbs we have bought and tested until now, in an attempt to find one with a decent light. I suppose  we will find one some day, the industry comes out with new models all the time, but until then, we are living in the energy efficient dark.

Encouraging collage

Yesterday, while I was making this collage, my Japanese friend Sumire “called” me via Skypechat, writing this short message; “Earthquake.”
Once again everything around her was shaking, – her cat went under the sofa, but she herself kept on chat-writing with me. Skype chat makes it possible to do other things, while waiting for answers, so I used the waiting time to finish the collage and send her a copy, thinking about how different conditions we have to adjust to. There have been many earthquakes around us lately, but the people in New Zealand and Japan seems to have a strong mind and forces to overcome the disaster in a very calm way.  I surely would have been  under the sofa before the cat.
Sumire found that the collage was encouraging, which I was very glad to hear, and it immediately motivated me to post it at my blog. Perhaps encourage others who might need it because of a long winter or a boring day. Or something else, – hopefully less serious than in Japan and New Zealand.