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Colorful May

Tarding colorful may

After an unusual long winter, comes – of course – an unusual warm month. May hasn’t been that warm, in Denmark, for more than 100 years. Unusual is the new usual.


Happy New Year

birgitte tarding new year card


winterdays small

Light and shadow collage

shadow and light collage copyright Birgitte Tarding

Thank you for comments and likes to the past 20 “Light and shadow photos”, which were made to celebrate the 25th  assignment, made by by Scott Thomas.

February collage

February collage

Finally, February has come to an end. Tomorrow is the first day of spring in Denmark, it´s still very cold – but it is spring. The calender say so, and I´m not going to argue against that. Thank you for visiting the blog this month, for the encouraging comments, and for the “likes”, which I like too.  I hope you were inspired in one way or another.

Spring / summer collage

Today is the last day of spring, tomorrow will be the first day of summer, and time for drinking cold white wine under a nice blue sunshade. Spring was very warm with sunny days and temperatures up to 25 degrees, but now when summer arrive,  the charming unpredictable weather has changed and it is reported that June will be cloudy, rainy and cold. 12 – 14 degrees, or perhaps even 15 now and then. A hot rum toddy is probably more appropriate to the weather then, but the sunshade can still be usefull as protection against the rain. Unless the wind blows it away of course. I took a lot of photos at the sunny days of spring, perhaps I should laminate some of them and take them with me under the sunshade, to help getting the right ambience. Summer is comming and the stock of rubber boots in most shops is decreasing. I must go now, to buy some.

Autumn collage

Close-up assignment

This is my contribution to Scott Thomas´12th assignment “Close up photography”. If you are here for the first time, I will recomend you to go to Scotts blog where you can find a lot of information and tips about close-up photography, and you can enjoy the other contributers photos.

I wish you everyday life back

Though I haven´t had time for blogging for a while, I have of course been thinking of you my blog friends every day. I am looking forward to read your blogs and see your photos again, and catch up what is going on in your lives.My thoughts have also been – and they still are – with the Japanese people, who suffer from three terrible catastrophes at the same time.In my peaceful part of the world, I believe most people find it difficult to imagine the size of this catastrophe. This “before and after photos” helps to understand.
Today is the birthday of my Japanese friend. I wish you a Happy birthday Sumire, and  everyday life back as soon as possible.