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A goodnight sky

goodnight goodnight

Denmark, 22.06.2008, at 10 pm.

Cloudes behind bars 2

cloudes behind bars 2

Cloudes behind bars

Cloudes behind bars

Where is everyone…

…in the bus? This is typical Danish summerweather, rain and sun.


Dark summer evening

We have had sunshine for weeks and weeks, and no water at all…until now. The weather have changed into normal Danish summer! The plants are delighted.

Busy april is back.




April seems to be back in the same good old shape as we remember it; with sun, blue sky, clouds, rain, wind and a single confused bee, – all at the same time at the same place. Wonderful!

Together in stormy weather



Photography is one of my big passions.  My grandmother gave me my first little plastic camera when I was about 6 -7 years old. Oh what a wonderful toy. (Producing a bit strange motives though.) She, and her father before her, was photographs, and I think that she took it for granted, that a 6-7 year old child just can´t wait any longer for seeing the world through a lens. Plastic or not. She was right. I have been seeing the world in 24×36 mm ever since, – now days the messures have changed, but the joy are the same.

And the next generation? My son had his first camera when he was about 6-7 years old….now, 10 years later, nothing escapes our two lenses!

Light blue water sky


Refering to the “What color are you”test, in wich I had the light blue colour.