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On board

on board kopi

A view (update)

Update 21.7
Scott Thomas made a post with pictures of golden clouds, taken July 17. Perhaps it was the same clouds  as I saw on July 16 (below), on their way to USA. Thank you for the link, Scott.

After the rain



I love being close to the sea, (or inlet as this is) because of the constant changes in how everything looks, depending of how the the weather is. Every change has its own charm.

Summer cloudes

cloudes 1


Kongens have "the Kings garden"

This photo was taken from Kongens have – The Kings garden-  in Copenhagen, on a very cold day.

At the beach…

…waiting for the sun.

Holiday weather.

We are not surprised about the rainy weather, that Denmark has right now, because this is the Danish summer; you never know how tomorrow will be. But the clouds are surprisingly beautiful. My first post from Jutland will be some of those Danish summer clouds.

June colour mosaic

Tidsel midsummerday sankt hans  
cloudes behind bars 2  Cloudes behind bars 
red rose    
 sankt Hans Gear wheel