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December 9


December 2

small Christmastree 17

Christmastree 2017

Christmas trees in different sizes are for sale around the streets, big and small, there are trees for everyone’s taste. Some years ago, I posted this photo, showing how the selection might be later in December.

Christmas tree special

Most Danish towns buy their own Christmas tree. It happens that the citizens doesn’t quite like the choice, like it happened in this city. 


Dec 2


Lots of fine trees everywhere, in all sizes and even ecological, for those who want this. But the best trees goes first, and for the lazy buyers, things can go really wrong…

Christmas tree special


December 5

juletræ Christmastree for sale

Christmastrees for sale. Which one should we choose among the different sorts…

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December 5


Every city and every little square has it´s own Christmas tree. The biggest one is at Copenhagen town hall square, (not the I am showing at this photo) unfortunately it  broke during the storm  we are having today…

December 18


Every city square has its own Christmas Tree.

Sunday in town

After a week occupied with taking care of my influenza sick family members, I went to town, hoping that I would meet a Santa Lucia procession somewhere.

 Today, sunday 13 december, most shops were extraordinary open in an attempt to increase their sale. As I expected, some of them had invited Santa Lucia and her procession to come, surely knowing about the side effect of her presence . Beside the photos taken for you, I came home with a few new kitchen gadgets that I hadn´t written at my shopping list.

Outside the shop, the christmas trees are being sold and wrapped into a net. About 3 pm, darkness is just around the corner.

17 pm. and we are ready to go to sleep. Luckily, the shortest day is near, and we can start looking for spring…

December 24


I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this day, and I thank everyone who have been reading and commenting my writting about the preparations.
Christmas eve in Denmark are celebrated very similar to what Michaela from Texas tells in this post, about her German childhood.