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December 24 – Last day of the advent calendar


The final day, the gift day, traveling day, family dinner and the day which just have to be HYGGELIG – cozy. Some families are going to church in the afternoon, others are busy preparing the Christmas dinner, or still trying to figure out if any gifts are missing, and if so, desperately trying to find a shop which aren´t closed. After dinner, the dance around the tree, with children just waiting for one thing, the last song and then – the gifts. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Season greetings, Happy holidays. Thank you for following this years “Christmas calendar”.

December 24

Christmas eve

Finally, Christmas eve with dinner, dancing and singing around the tree, and then all gifts. Merry Christmas.

December 20

Christmas tree special

I told you not to be late about buying a Christmas tree…!

December 2

Danish Christmas trees for sale

In the start of December, you can get any size of Christmas tree, a small one to put on a table, or a large one, which may be so high that you have to cut the top in order to make it fit into the living room. You can also choose between different types of spruce. If you wait to buy just before Christmas though, you’ll have to take what is left, and that will probably be a tree with personality, crooked, missing some of its branches.

December 18


Every city square has its own Christmas Tree.

December 4

christmastree sale Denmark

Christmas trees for sale.

December 21

Only a few days left to find a nice Christmas tree, if it hasn`t been bought yet.

December 19

Christmas tree in front of the cafe.



December 19

christmas-trees for sale

This Christmas tree salesman really made a nice and cosy place for his market. He decorated his area with one of the oldest christmas symbols  (in the Northern countries) the “Chritmas billy goat”. (There is possibly a better name, but  not in the wordbook!) It is made out of straw.

More about the “Yule goat” at wikipedia.

The Danish word for Christmas is “jul”, and is pronounced “Yule”.