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December 13

Today is the day of Santa Lucia. I haven´t seen any celebration of it yet, so you´ll have a photo of these two nisser instead. I will look for Lucia brides, if you can´t wait, please look at my post from last year, or the year before.

December 15


With 9 days left, the best and nicest trees are sold, but many people still haven´t bought their – JULETRÆ –Christmas tree. They are sold around the town, outside shops or at the wood. Some places, people choose a tree from a plantation, cut it down, and pay when they leave.

More later. The photo is just a quick-photo taken from the car.

December 14

Before my next presentation of a sugar dominated Christmas tradition, I think I better show this side too. Clementines. They are in the shops now, an we buy them in big numbers at the time.

December 13

Day for the Lucia-procession. Every school, home for elder people, institutions and also many commercial buisness have a Lucia procession. While I am looking for a Lucia photo, these nisser can play a little for you.

nisser-6  nisser-7’s_Day

From :
Lucia is originally a Swedish tradition. Lucie night or “lusse Night” was the year’s longest, until Denmark and Sweden went on to the Gregorian calendar in 1700 and 1753. Before that time,  Solstice was on December 13 – in other words Lucie night, the longest of the year’s. The name was Lucia in connection with “lux” the Latin for light.  (From Sweden)
Lucia is celebrated every year at the 13th of December with Glögg, a sort of warm and sweet wine (not necessarily alcoholic) and gingerbread cakes. In the early morning there are Lucia processions with, usually young people or children, who are dressed in specific outfits and singing traditional songs.

Since the Nobel price winners are gathered in Stockholm at this time of the year, the tradition says that they, without prior warning, is visited in their hotel rooms in the early morning by a Lucia procession. One year a Nobel price winner got really scared since he thought he was visited by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The hats normally used by the male participants resemble the hats of the KKK. Except for this time, the tradition is normally appreciated.

Deirdre have  some Lucia pictures at her blog.

December 9

julestjerner Euphorbia

This flower (Euphorbia) is used as a “Christmas-flower” in Denmark. It is called a  “Christmas-star”.  If you are invited to have GLØG and ÆBLESKIVER (I will explain about this later) somewhere, you can bring either at Christmas star, some tulips or a Crocus to the host.