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December 19


December 11

nisser med lys


December 9

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December 18


Not to forget a Christmas sheaf for the birds.

December 18

vanillekrans danish vanilla bisquit

Baking vanillekranse “vanilla wreaths”  is another very delicious Christmas tradition.

Recipes on my other blog


December 5

juletræ Christmastree for sale

Christmastrees for sale. Which one should we choose among the different sorts…

Links for more info at my other blog about Denmark

December 17

Nisse village 12

nisse village snow

People studying a little nisse village, and the snow, -or is it really snow?

December 15

for the birds

For the birds. (Or are they perhaps nisser too?)

December 8

nisse blacksmith

The blacksmith in Nisse village.

More village photos at My daily Denmark