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December 2

Danish Christmas trees for sale

In the start of December, you can get any size of Christmas tree, a small one to put on a table, or a large one, which may be so high that you have to cut the top in order to make it fit into the living room. You can also choose between different types of spruce. If you wait to buy just before Christmas though, you’ll have to take what is left, and that will probably be a tree with personality, crooked, missing some of its branches.


December 15

nisse resting 2 b

December 14


December 13


December 9

nisse with blue hat kopi

December 7

danish nisse elf

A little info about nisser at this old post

December 4

danish elf nisse

December 1

Christmas in Denmark  advent candle

The advent candle has been lit for the first time this year, and the countdown for Christmas has begun. So has my usual Christmas – blog – calendar. I hope you will enjoy it, if you need a bit more information about the traditions, you might find some useful links at my other blog, mydailydenmark.

I wish you a good December. Let the party begin.

December 20

nisse with blue hat kopi

This nisse is a little special, because he is wearing a blue hat, and every one knows that it should be red…perhaps he is a foreign nisse? He is for sure planning something…