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December 1

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December and 24 busy days ahead. I was in perfect time when it comes to having cookies ready for guests coming this month, but that showed to be a bad disposition…


December 22


Kravlenisser, paper elves, to place around in the house.

december 21

nisse resting 2 b

December 5

2015-12-04 14.22.52

This photo was taken in a store selling food, and at the moment also cleaning tools – apparently meant for use at the yearly Christmas cleaning. I haven´t seen that kind of special equipment before, but since  I have promised to post lot of nisser, it passes . Perhaps it can add Christmas spirit to the cleaning, who knows.

December 4

vanillekrans danish vanilla bisquit

Vanille kranse. One of the old Danish Christmas cookie, tasting really good. If you want to try making them, there is a recipe in english here.

December 3

nisse with blue hat kopi

The hidden box with all the Christmas decorations and nisser have been found, it will be interesting to see what fun all the small nisser /elves have in mind.

December 2

Danish Christmas trees for sale

In the start of December, you can get any size of Christmas tree, a small one to put on a table, or a large one, which may be so high that you have to cut the top in order to make it fit into the living room. You can also choose between different types of spruce. If you wait to buy just before Christmas though, you’ll have to take what is left, and that will probably be a tree with personality, crooked, missing some of its branches.

December 15

nisse resting 2 b

December 14