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Dec 23


“Ris a la mande”.  The Christmas dinner dessert. Cream is sold out in every shop.

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Not everyone likes this traditional dessert, but I think most people likes the game wich follow, the search for the one and only almond. The winner gets a present, but it is not good behavior to announce that it has been found, before all the Ris a la mande has been eaten.

December 18

So this was Christmas

Update:  Michaela´s comment mentioning the real candles, remind me of a story:

Accidents caused by real candles happens, or are being avoided in the last moment. As when my great grandmother was walking around the tree together with all of my big family, many years ago. Slowly of course, she was old. Someone had given her a NISSE hat (santa Clause hat)on, a long red hat with  a cotton ball in the end…now you probably can imagine what happened next…the cotton ball hit a candle and began to burn. “Daddy, great grandmother´s hat is burning”…… she didn´t hear this, and she had to look down most of the time to keep the balance,  so my father grab the hat, stepped on the fire, and returned the hat on her head, without her noticing it. I can still see her raise her head and ask with a smile; What?? And my father answered  “Nothing. Keep walking”.

December 7

Its time to make the traditional jule konfekt. (Christmas candy)

December 1

First of December, and the traditionel calender candle is ready to count the days for us. I wrote a bit about this last  year :
It is very cold these days, and the windows are decorated with ice pattern in the morning. Nicely done.