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My cat friend

cat or lion

My little cat friend are visiting the garden every day now. We play with the stick you can see at the photo.

cat in a tree

This cat is extremely fast and fearless, it climbs any tree in the garden, and walk out on the thinnest branches, without any problem. The other day, when it was entering another garden where some children were playing, I heard one of them ask “What is this, -is it a cat? – it looks like a lion”.

cat in a basket

Talking of wild animals, I´d like to present you to some of the wonderful and colorful paintings of tigers the Danish painter Uffe Christoffersen has made.


My cat friend

a cat in the garden

Today has been a relatively warm day, for a change, it will be cold again soon. I went out to work a bit in the garden, and as soon as I started to remove dry leaves with the rake,  my cat friend appeared and was ready to continue playing, just as we did in autumn. When we didn´t play, it just lay beside me and enjoyed the warm sun. I suppose we are true friends now.

February inspiration 6

hello cat

December 22

cat in December

cat in December 2

My little cat friend, the nisse, came by today, to investigate the possibilities for digging a tunnel to get closer to the mouse.

December 14


I don´t know this cat, it was suddenly in my garden. Perhaps it is a nisse?

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A Japanese new year greeting.

Look how elegant a new year meal  can be. The arrow is for good luck.
Fresh photos from my friend Sumire in Japan.

Drama in white

I wonder if  the Yeti was here…

Cat, snow and sun

An unexpected guest

cat buffet

“While the cat´s away, the mouse will play at the table” is a Danish saying. I don´t know how you say this in english, but I guess that this is a world wide phenomenon.
While the guests at my brothers birthday party were talking, the neighbor cat came sneaking, to see if there were something delicious at the table….I had to laugh at those legs 🙂