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Cold bowl news

Cold bowl shopping.
Perhaps you have read my previous post about the Danish summer dish Kærnemælkskoldskål (Buttermilk cold bowl), of which we Danes are crazy about in the summertime. You might have seen my enthusiastic description as a bit overdone,  wich I can´t blame you, but let me  pass you some “Cold bowl” news, that I believe will remove any doubt of the importance of this dish.
The Danish football team have just been send 75 l of koldskål, all the way from Denmark  to South Africa, to help them get fit for the final fight  tomorrow (thursday) . Did this convince you?  Or do you need one more “Cold bowl” news to believe me? Well OK, the following should do it, at least it convinced me! 
A supermarket was robbed, the thief stole -not only all their money, but also – 1 liter of  Cold bowl. (Kærnemælkskoldskål.)
You need a recipe now, I guess.
Kærnemælks koldskål. (Buttermilk cold bowl)
 2 liter of Buttermilk
3-4 eggs
75 gram sugar
vanilla (½
1 lemon
1 dl. cream
Whip the eggs (for  a long time) with the sugar, then add  buttermilk. Make it taste as you prefer by adding vanilla and lemon. Finally add 1 dl. of whipped cream.  Use any kind of sweet biscuit if you accidentally doesn’t have any kammer junkere.


If you think this white “soup” is some kind of a hospital-diet, or babyfood, you are absolutely wrong.  This is a favorite summer dish for many Danes,  called Kærne mælks-kold-skål – directly translated  “butter-milk-cold-bowl” . The recipe is: Buttermilk, egg, sugar, vanilla, and lemon. My mother added whipped cream. Has to be served very cold.

Can be  eaten any time, day and night, -that is if you can get any at the supermarked. It is a favorite, and usually sold out very quickly. The dairyworks (?) increases their production of koldskål, based on the weather repport.  One of them has even a meteorologist hyred.  As soon as the temperature rise above 18-20C, we just have to get some Koldskål, to cool us down.

The small sweet  biscuits are of course important, they are called Kammerjunkere. I don´t know how they got that name, but never mind, they tastes delicious. This photo was very difficult to take, because the motive kept disappearing. (Everyone knows probably how disappointing a soft biscuit tastes.)