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December 18


Dec 3


Brune kager (“brown cakes”) is a true Christmas biscuit. Butter, syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, wheat flour, almonds, potash. Lots of spices makes it easy not to eat too many. That can change by training, though.


December 20

Brune kager, Vanillekranse, Pebbernødder, Specier, all of them Christmas Cookies that has to be sold now. After Christmas it is possible to do a very good buy. Unfortunately there is a limit of how interesting these cakes are, (even if they are on sale) when all the Christmas hullabaloo is over.

December 21


I have told you about PEBERNØDDER, here is some of the other christmas bisquits – SMÅKAGER “(small cakes)” – from the top 10 christmas-bisquit-list. These bisquits are really connected with Christmas, they are even mentioned in many christmas songs.

Brune kager 
Vanille kranse

(More about this later)