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Sorry for waking you up…

I love my rake. I love to rake the dead leaves and withered grass away, and little by little find signs of spring under the brown winter cover. I know the birds likes me to do it; they are watching me from a  safe distance, ready to investigate the area as soon as I am leaving it.
Today was a nicely warm day, a true “rake day”. A spring-day. I went out and grabbed the rake. There are many dead leaves to be removed, but I am enjoying to do it. I worked with energy for a while, but suddenly I discovered a very sleepy bumblebee staggering sleepily a few steps. ( Not sure how to describe so many legs only walk a little, lets say a few Hunblebee-steps.) When I sat down to watch it, I was close enough to get  ” the look “. Too early, Mam. It stretched its legs…and went to sleep again.
Sorry for waking you up, little buddy, but thanks a lot for keeping still. Nice fur.

I have to control myself and my rake a bit longer. Rain tomorrow will help me doing that.