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Winter essay 1


rvewong wrote :
Winters around the world are quite different. It would be good if you could record your thoughts and impressions in a short photo essay.

I replied:
That is a great idea, I hope you will ask other bloggers too. You could make an assignment like Scott Thomas did last month.
The winter in Denmark can be both very cold with frost and snow, and mild with just rain. I will try to make an essay that covers the different types of weather. As a start, I have collected some of the “Frost and snow” pictures, as this is how it has been for some weeks now.

PS. Please notice, that Scott Thomas just made a new assignment. Read more about it here.



Happy Valentine day

blue snow

Not much red and hearts to see in this picture, but Valentine day is still not realy a Danish tradition, even it is close to be. If my husbond should come home with a Valentine gift today, I will change my assessment  🙂 .


Koncerthuset - The new cocert hall in Copenhagen

From my garden


These apples from my garden is called Cox orange. I found a very nice homepage about this and other apples, – take a bite here.

Cloudes behind bars 2

cloudes behind bars 2

Cloudes behind bars

Cloudes behind bars

Blue sky at “Constitution Day”

Blue sky in june
5 june is “Grundlovsdag” in Denmark, translated to Costitution Day in the dictionary.

From wikipedia:
Constitution Day is an annual celebration of the establishment of the first Danish constitution, 5. June 1849.
Each year the day is celebrated with particular political speeches around the country, as the day is often also seen as a celebration of the Danish democracy. Senior politicians have through their respective organisations favorite places where they traditionally deliver their messages, both acting on democratic principles and on current policy issues

From the garden once more