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Frost again

lyserød blomst

ice on a window

Frost again, and this time it will last until March, says the meteorological system. All there is to do is wait for better times, think of summer and participate in Scott Thomas´s newest assignment: “Winter”. It shouldn´t be difficult, inspiration is everywhere. Unfortunately much longer than deadline for the assignment which is January 23.

Assignment 23: Winter


“Colorful assignment” preparation 6

Today’s color preparation is this little color mosaic from the archive. In case you haven´t seen my previous posts, I will repeat my invitation to join the “Colorful assignment” over at Scott Thomas blog.


Scott Thomas has made a new assignment, this time the subject id “White”. Would you like to join? Please read more at Scotts blog:

This photo is not my submission, I am still thinking about what to post.

RGB with lines

 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3

A wet garden

wet may garden

Tivoli has opened

tivoli-in-spring-3-800x599 tivoli-in-spring-2-800x636 tivoli-in-spring-800x599 tivoli 

Tivoli is open.  In Danish this information is also slang for telling a person, that he has forgotten to close his zipper.

Tivoli history.

The colors have returned


The weather has changed, and spring is definitely here. Some days with cleaning and digging the garden has given me a new friend, the blackbird, who seems to be realy pleased with my great worm-digging-skills. Actually I am beginning to feel like an employed, when it impatient stare at me, clearly hoping that I will do my worm-finding-job quickly, and then move on to another spot in the garden.



Time for posting a photo as entry to Scott Thomas assignment. 
This time the subject is storytelling.  In the first place, I will let the photo speak for itself, in my next post I will take over.



For some unknown reason, it suddenly became possible to enlarge photos at this blog. I have no idea why, but never mind, I´m just pleased that it works again. Here is some ice, to cool down the tulip fire at my last post.