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Friend or food


I went outside to take some photos. It is still very cold, and the snow makes it difficult for the birds to find food. I noticed that “my garden-blackbird” didn´t flew away when I came close to it, and I was wondering if it had become tame.

For several minutes we were looking at eachother, without any of us felt like running away. I imagined myself as a trusted friend of wild birds,  next step would probably be talking with them. What a joy. My eyes catched something lying in the snow between us…it was…an old apple. I realized that my bird friend actualy was guarding this apple, and most likely ready to scare me away, if nessesary. It had no intension of being friendly or talk with me or any other romantic idea. Just to eat and keep being alive!

 I wonder if I look like a big hungry bird….

The colors have returned


The weather has changed, and spring is definitely here. Some days with cleaning and digging the garden has given me a new friend, the blackbird, who seems to be realy pleased with my great worm-digging-skills. Actually I am beginning to feel like an employed, when it impatient stare at me, clearly hoping that I will do my worm-finding-job quickly, and then move on to another spot in the garden.

A shocked bird




Some months ago, when it was still winter, I wrote about the remains of the apples, that we had throw in the garden to feed the birds. ( Street rain and some apples…. ) Last week, I decided to remove the sad remains of the remains, in an attempt to make the garden look as if it was under human control. The birds can find lots of food now, I thought, and as the apples was laying under the hedge in the front yard, we were confronted with the sad sight every time we went out. I did a lot of thinking before I went in action, to be sure that the needs of both humans and birds had been taken into consideration.

Convinced that I was doing the right thing, I started to fill the the wheelbarrow, when suddenly a furious blackbird landed in front of me, and in notes of warning chirped
“STOP STOP!! Are you out of your mind….what are you doing???”  

I realized, that this wasn´t rotten apples at all, but a  golden storeroom, owned by this young and handsome bird, who I am sure have told every female bird in the area about his wealth. I stopped my garden cleaning, and went to take my camera instead. The bird was still guarding his treasure when I came back, and even my camera isn´t that good, I think it is easy to see that this bird is a shocked bird.

The garden is still not under human control, – but we have a very satisfied bird!