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18 October:
Sunrise 7:46 am,  sunset 6:02 pm.

Daylight  10 hours and 16 minutes, which is 7 hours and 7 minutes shorter than the longest day.

Answer of the riddle:

Any hazelnuts?

…Hazelnuts?  Oh, you mean these little…hmnn…no, I haven´t seen any…..



Si usted ha leído en “Viajes a dinamarca”, lo siento, pero no hay osos pardos aqui, no hay zorrilla, tambien no hay morsas y las ballenas. hay lobos, pero no tantos. El animal de la foto es un ardilla.

I found a single leaf at the lawn…

…autumn is impossible to ignore any longer.

Hortensia leaving

The Hortensia are a pleasure to watch, when it is leaving  for the winter. Much more colorful than any other time in it´s cycle.

(Belated happy Thanksgiving to my american blogfriends.)

Rain, rain and more rain

november street

No sun for the next 10 days, said the meteorologist this morning… he´s not popular!

november road 700X453

Decreasing light

tulips summer and autumn

Tulips at daytime, all of them red, placed in the same vase, in the same window, but not at the same time of year! Slowly we are getting used to see colors change or dissappear. The “summertime” has ended, which means that mornings are plus 1 hour brighter, – but afternoons are plus 1 hour dark. Sunrise today 7:17 am.  sundown 4:46 pm. The most positive to say about the darkness, is that ones wrinkles are toned down for a while.

More leaves


We need some colors


At this time of year, we don´t see many colors around here, and I enjoyed seeing the Malaysian sunshine at visuallens Hiiscusplants. I have to bring some color to this blog too, so here is another reflection photo from autumn.

Leaves in pieces

leaves-in-pieces   leaves-in-pieces