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Fall is back

autumn tarding

Fall is back and I am back.
After having searched for my log on information for a long time, since WordPress apparently had given up every hope on further posts from my side, and locked me out. Or perhaps the locking out was caused by my old computer, which also sometimes choose to close everything, when the expectations and the ability doesn´t match together – just like we older people do now and then, when we realize that there is a black hole where there ought to be a codes and other important information.

We might have something in common, the computer and me, but when it comes to solving problems by having a nice cup of coffee, we are definitely opposites. Or… it might of course be a sure way to get a new updated computer. I´ll consider that.

Still autumn

autumn novi


tivoli october

Schools are closed this week.  The october  “Potato” holiday fills every amusement park, cinema and exibition with playfull children and patiently waiting parents. This glimpse is from Tivoli, the concert hall in the background.

Graphic autumn

This is not the result of a distracted gardener at work, but a common way to prune some sort of trees.


November tree

October color mosaic




Gray “potatoes holiday”-day

All the schools are closed this week, because of the yearly autumn-holiday or “Potatoes holiday”. This holiday are always in week number 42 (we are using week numbers, I understand that it isn´t common everywhere?) and originally made to make it possible for the school children to work at the farms with collecting potatoes. Today the potatoes holiday are a week full of entertainments for kids or holidays far away from Danish potatoes. For the ones that stayed at home, this was the sight of day 4.