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My rainy hometown

My intention was to find historical places a sunny day, but reality has often other plans. After a warm period, the weather has changed and is now as unreliable as it use to be. My contribution to Scotts assignment became a stack of wet and blurred photos, taken from the car. While it was running. I suppose you can call them snap shots, at least I was surprised to find some which could be used. I still have plans for going a sunny day, but who knows when that will be…more rain tomorrow. I´ll tell more about the buildings later.

I suppose you have heard about the beer Tuborg?  The old building seen from “Tuborgvej” (Tuborg-street).

We buy a lot of  rainwear in this country. Østerbrogade (East-bridge-street) is from 1647.

Eastport trainstation. (1897)

Near quay Langelinie,  The little mermaid is hiding behind the trees at left.

A short visit  from a giant. “MSC Poesia” at quay Langelinie.

Assignment invitation

Scott Thomas has made a new assignment, this time it is on  Food Photography. If you would like to join, please go to Scott´s blog here and read about the details. Post your photo before 26 January at midnight. My pizza above was still not ready to be eaten when this photo was taken, just like my contribution to this assignment. I´m working on it to the last moment. It will be interesting to see food from all over the world, so please join the party.

My hometown

Since  2007, Denmark has been divided into five regions;  Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand, Region of Southern Denmark, Central Denmark Region and North Denmark Region, and 98 municipalities. I am living in the Capital region, wich are divided into 29 municipalities. Each municipality, wich are divided into a number of cities and villages, has its own mayor and a municipal council. My pictures are showing places about 10 km from the center of Copenhagen, my daily sight from the area where I have my home.

This  time of year, the weather is often rainy, gray and cold, and I´m afraid that my contribution with these gray photos to Scott Thomas´s assignment “my hometown” could scare most people from visiting the country. If it does, I understand! At least when it comes to visits in March.

Thank you for making this assignment Scott!

New assignment

Scott Thomas, USA,  has made a new assignment, this time the subject is : Your hometown. You are more than welcome to join. Post a photo – or many- from your area at your own blog, and send a link to