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A dailylife apple

apple assignment 5 everyday photos

I have been invited to join a little fun assignment on Facebook, which is to post 5 everyday life photos, and at the same time nominate 5 others to do the same. I´m normally not involving myself in such games, but since it is a good opportunity to continue my blogging, I have accepted, and will post this as the first one. Be aware, perhaps you will be nominated next.


Assignment photos

samos 2samos 1samos 3samos 5samos 4samos 6 

It is Christmas, and I have started my Christmas calendar – but, it is also deadline for the newest assignment from Scott Thomas, with the subject: Vacation photos. Since I haven´t any fresh vacation photos, I have decided to show you some older from a trip to the wonderful Greek island Samos. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a Greek island one day, I am sure you never will regret it.

You can see the other contributions here.

Vacation- new assignment

vacation swanes

Once again Scott Thomas are hosting a photo assignment.
This time the subject is “Vacation”. Don´t miss this chance to get an audience for your vacation photos. 🙂
Go to Scott´s blog and read about how to do. Deadline is December 4.

Holiday end

beach and kayak

Holiday season is over, schools have started again and I will continue blogging after a break. July is high season for holiday in Denmark, because schools are closed from late June to start of August. During my vacation, Scott Thomas held his 26 assignment, which I unfortunately was unable to take part in. The subject was “summertime, – pictures which invites to a visit”, so even it is too late to join,  I can´t resist to look in my image folder to see if I can find some which could lead to a visit to Denmark. I´ll post them later.

Hopefully the summer has been good and inspiring for you. I will be looking forward to a new and energetic blogging period.

Light and shadow # 5

water 1

Number 5 of 25 photos with shadows and light, which I have decided to make in honor of Scott Thomas great work with making assignment after assignment for any blogger who´d like to join, until now he has made 25.

Colorful assignment

The subject for this assignment is colors in photography. Beside inviting everyone to join, Scott Thomas has also posted several links at his blog leading to articles about this particular subject. Readers at my blog will know that I am very happy about colors, and Scotts announcement of his new assignment has been a welcoming reason to post colorful pictures without any other reason than just preparing for the final assignment. (see previous posts)

Despite this playful posting, I actually understand the meaning of the assignment a bit different, – as a question of taking photos where the color are making the point. I have made two of my humble photos in black/white to show what I mean, but if you want to see a real master, take a look here – Bryan F. Peterson.

Since I have been looking for colorful subjects the past weeks, I have a few more photos for this assignment.

Thank you one more time to Scott Thomas, for making it extra fun to blog.

“Colorful assignment” preparation 7

I´m really having a color party here, while preparing for the “Colorful assignment” over at Scott Thomas blog. Take a look and see if you´d like to join it too.

“Colorful assignment” preparation 5

Another back-lit photo, as preparation for the “Colorful assignment” held by Scott Thomas, who invite everyone to join by posting a colorful photo before November 21 “at home”, and then send a link to it here.


Colorful assignment

I´m going to celebrate Scott Thomas newest assignment “Color composition”, by posting as many colorful photos as possible, until my final contribution at November 21.You can join too by posting a colorful photo at your own blog, and a link to it at this page. I´m looking forward.