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Assignment 25

old metal and roses

It is time for the 25th assignment arranged by Scott Thomas, with the title: Your Photography Passion. You are invited to join it, by posting one or perhaps many photos at your own blog, and post a link to them at this page. Deadline is midnight (your time zone), Wednesday, May 22, 2013. Until then I will think of what my photographic passion might be. A closer look at rusty parts from the car, perhaps?


Happy birthday Sumire


A rose for my dear friend Sumire, wishing her a happy Japanese birthday.

February collage

February collage

Finally, February has come to an end. Tomorrow is the first day of spring in Denmark, it´s still very cold – but it is spring. The calender say so, and I´m not going to argue against that. Thank you for visiting the blog this month, for the encouraging comments, and for the “likes”, which I like too.  I hope you were inspired in one way or another.


birds at grey sky

Rav Amber kopi

January is usually dark and cold, and the month contains an endless number of days. According to the calender 31, but I´m not sure that is correct. One good thing about this time of year though, is the possibility to find amber along the west coast of Jutland. Amber will be washed up on the beach with the big waves at wintertime.

“Colorful assignment” preparation 4

To add tones and shine to colors, I sometime point my camera directly against the sun, but with the flower or whatever I am photographing in between. The result can be almost a bit dreamy.

If you feel like sharing your colorful photos, why not join the “Colorful assignment”  over at Scott Thomas blog. Only thing you have to do is to post a link to the photo at this page before november 21.

“Colorful assignment” preparation 3

I use to take a good look of the background before I choose angle, usually there will be a good color to use somewhere. The reason I tell you about this, is because I am going to advocate for the fun assignment over at Scott Thomas blog. You can join by posting a colorful photo at your own blog, and then post a link to it at Scott´s site, before end of november 21.


Colorful assignment

I´m going to celebrate Scott Thomas newest assignment “Color composition”, by posting as many colorful photos as possible, until my final contribution at November 21.You can join too by posting a colorful photo at your own blog, and a link to it at this page. I´m looking forward.


New assignment

“This month’s assignment is going to be a lot of fun”, says Scott Thomas, presenting the new assignment: Abstract Photography.

Please join, you will be most welcome. Post your abstract photo at your own blog, and post a link to it on this page at  Scott Thomas blog.

Yellow rose