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Blue rain

Blue rain 1

Bleu rain 2

blue rain

April sunday at the country

art at the field



wheel track

Blue sky with accessories



We went to town, to do some shopping at the shopping centre this afternoon. 
Shops were like shops use to be; filled with  accessories to life; some usable, some unusable, – most of them expensive and unnecessary. 

The large range of accessories outside the shopping centre, totally free, and much more exquisitely, made us look like tourists, when we grabbed the cameraes, and with enthusiasm clicked all the goods in  our baskets, – on the way back to the car.


Rain at a tarpaulin

New design at WordPress…

I have just found out that the layout at the dashboard has changed, and I want to test the new system. I will do it with this flowerphoto, wich I have made in the new “medium”size.

Full size is still very full…

To make changes in a post that already have been posted, we now have to go to the dashboard, then “your stuff” and finaly “edit” the post that we want to change. Change the post, and then “save”…? Oh dear, does WordPress feel responsibel for activating our braincells….?