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Apple in the dark

Apple in the dark

Iphone photo taken just before sunset, which today will be about 4:30 pm.,  – decreasing to 3:37 pm at December 11, but that is another story.

A dailylife apple

apple assignment 5 everyday photos

I have been invited to join a little fun assignment on Facebook, which is to post 5 everyday life photos, and at the same time nominate 5 others to do the same. I´m normally not involving myself in such games, but since it is a good opportunity to continue my blogging, I have accepted, and will post this as the first one. Be aware, perhaps you will be nominated next.

Apple pip


Birdmade stilleben

My birds are very creative, they made this little artwork for me today.  I´m not sure if the bird placed the leaf, though. Maybe I should credit the wind too.

Some colours

New-iPhone day


My son and I went to see the new iPhone at the TELIAshop today. Just to see it, because he has already got one. Shops are empty tonight, and iPhones are now calling, ringing, and GPSíng all over the country.

Leaves are leaving

leaves from apple flowers