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Home sweet home



Light and shadow # 4

cat in sunshine

My cat friend

a cat in the garden

Today has been a relatively warm day, for a change, it will be cold again soon. I went out to work a bit in the garden, and as soon as I started to remove dry leaves with the rake,  my cat friend appeared and was ready to continue playing, just as we did in autumn. When we didn´t play, it just lay beside me and enjoyed the warm sun. I suppose we are true friends now.

February inspiration 6

hello cat

December 22

cat in December

cat in December 2

My little cat friend, the nisse, came by today, to investigate the possibilities for digging a tunnel to get closer to the mouse.

December 14


I don´t know this cat, it was suddenly in my garden. Perhaps it is a nisse?

Older post about Nisser

December 6

I´d like to show you this sight, which I now have to look at every day.  The tree is just outside my front door, and the action took place this morning and some days ago.. Now let me hear what you think about it, who did this….(I know, but I am still surprised.)

UPDATE: Here is the little bandit

Any hazelnuts?

…Hazelnuts?  Oh, you mean these little…hmnn…no, I haven´t seen any…..



Si usted ha leído en “Viajes a dinamarca”, lo siento, pero no hay osos pardos aqui, no hay zorrilla, tambien no hay morsas y las ballenas. hay lobos, pero no tantos. El animal de la foto es un ardilla.

My niece and a cat