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December 14

Before my next presentation of a sugar dominated Christmas tradition, I think I better show this side too. Clementines. They are in the shops now, an we buy them in big numbers at the time.

December 8

julemaerke 2008

The Danish Christmas seal.  

In 1903 a postal clerk – later postmaster – named Einar Holbøll came up with a great idea. Since so much mail was being sent at Christmas time anyway, why not collect money to help sick children by adding an extra charitable stamp to envelopes containing Christmas greetings? A year later the world’s first Christmas Seal was launched and for over 100 years it has provided the financial basis for the establishment and operation of the Christmas Seal Houses. The price for a Christmas Seal in 1904 was DKK 0.02 per seal.

Pictures from (old) Denmark (6)

open air museum Denmark     

These pictures are from the open air museum “Frilandsmuseet”, a wonderful place to visit, “Spread across 86 acres of land today the museum houses more than 50 farms, mills and houses from the period 1650-1950.”