December 19

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Wrapping paper.

December 18


Not to forget a Christmas sheaf for the birds.

December 17

risengrød danish rice pudding

Risengrød – ricepudding, porridge made out of rice, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, with a knob of butter in the middle. This is food for nisser, and almost every child, and a lot of grown ups. According to the Christmas tradition of nisser, it is important to place a bowl with risengrød on the loft, where the nisser lives. We still do that, just in case. Everyone knows how much confusion an angry nisse can create.


Recipe in english here

December 16


Christmas Sweets. Made out of marzipan, nougat, dates, covered with chocolate coating. Look for inspiration here. 

December 15

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December 14


Æbleskiver, – “Slice of apples”. You might wonder where the apple is. It used to be inside, in the old days. Actually it was originally a slice of apple, with a little dough. Now days it is all dough, sometimes with a tiny bit of apple inside, – to add a little authenticity.

Danish æbleskive pan

To make the æbleskiver, one need to have an æbleskive frying pan, like the one at the picture. The dough is filled in the round holes. When they begin to look brown on the outside, but still with fluent dough inside, one take a knitting needle and turn the half baked æbleskive around, so that the other half can be fried. A slice of apple can be put inside, before the the turning.
In the old days, the apple was a Christmas gift for people working on the farm. It could be dipped in a dough to add flavor and energy.


History (in Danish)

December 13

Lucia with candles

A few words about the Lucia tradition here

December 12

nisser med lys

December 11

Danish sild Herring2

Danish sild herring

Danish sild Herring 1

Today is one of the big days for the traditional “Christmas lunch”, which not necessarily is a lunch, but absolutely supposed to be a fun and happy party. All companies are having a “Christmas lunch” in December. Family lunches and those made for friends will be in the week ends. If the menu is a Danish lunch with ryebread, there will be at least 3 kind of herring, for a start.


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