December 24

Danish christmas tradition

Christmas in Denmark; dinner – pork, duck, goose or turkey, red salad, glazed potatoes, a lot of brown sauce. Dessert – rice pudding containing lots of almonds in pieces and one whole – (the finder receive a gift). Now time for singing Christmas songs and psalms while holding hands and walk around the Christmas tree. Finally the presents from under the tree is given, and the restored peace are celebrated with coffee, candy and something strong in the small glasses.
Merry Christmas!

ps. Photos of the food and links to recipes at my other blog

December 23

P1190919 kopi

Preparing almonds for the Christmas dessert “Ris a la mande” (rice boiled in milk).

December 22

nisse with oranges 480X479

December 21

julebryg tuborg

Merry Christmas and
happy TUB´year…
The humorous message is based on the fact that the pronunciation of “org” and the word år (year) sounds similar in Danish.

Godt – nyt – år (good – new – year) is changed to Godt – tub – org (good – Tuborg), in other words, enjoy a good beer and have a happy new year.

The slogan, made by Peter Wibroe, have been used for more than 30 years, and we still love it.

Video, 40 sek.

December 20



December 19

Danish Christmasheart2

December 18

vanillekrans danish vanilla bisquit

Baking vanillekranse “vanilla wreaths”  is another very delicious Christmas tradition.

Recipes on my other blog


December 17


December 16

æbleskiver apple slice kopi


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