Dec 16

risengrød danish rice pudding

Risengrød – Ricepudding. Food for Nisser.

One of the songs we can sing when dancing around the Christmas tree, is telling about a Nisse who sits at the loft, with his ricepudding. The (nice) rats want to eat it too, so he has to defend his bowl of food with his big spoon. This song is clearly not as holy as one would expect at such an evening, I agree, but all children love to sing it, and happy children are a good way to keep the Christmas spirit awake.
Usually the song is chosen as one of the last to sing, when the level of seriousity has been practiced long enough.

Google translate and me, made this translation to give you an idea about the text:

På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød

On the loft sits Nisse with his Christmas porridge,
his Christmas porridge so good and sweet,
He nods, and he eats, and he is so happy
for Christmas porridge is his favorite food.
But all around him are all the little rats,
they watch and they watch:
“We want some Christmas goodies,”
and they dance, dance around the ring.

But nisse father he threatens with his big spoon
“Now get away
I want (to eat) my Christmas porridge in silence,
and I wont share it with anyone. ”
But the rats jump, and dance,
and (dance)
they look at the porridge, and then stops
and stand close to the nisse in a circle.

But nisse father he’s an angry stopper
and with his body he makes a jump:
“I’ll get the cat, if you don´t stop,
when the cat comes, this will ‘stop. ”
Then all the rats become so scared
oh so scared, oh so scared,
they turn around and dance a few times,
and one, two, three, they are gone!


Dec 15


Dec 14



Prøv vores juleboller – “Try our Christmas buns” the bakers poster say. All right, you don´t need to ask twice, I like the Christmas pastry, containing raisins, candied peel (sukat) and other sweet things. The only complicated matter about a Christmas bun, is that it has to be renamed after Christmas.

Dec 13




December 13 is the day for the Saint Lucy procession, and this song.


Dec 12

2015-12-05 16.20.19

nisser til salg

Dec 11


As promised, I continue looking for Christmas decorations and spirit outside, to show the cosy Denmark we have heard so much about. I will let you know when I find something to talk about. Until then, you have to do with these photos, showing modest hints of something special going on. It is valued to be modest in Denmark, but I don´t think anyone would complain if the level of decoration was a bit higher. Let´s see, there are still 13 days to Christmas, and time to be surprised.

Dec 10

nisser med lys


Dec 9




There are not much Christmas decorations to find outside, perhaps people have become too busy to care about such. Even the  Nisseland have lost its usual size, and have even been moved to a smaller place at the shopping center. But, one can always go to the hotdog stand, to seek comfort and enjoy a meal under his nice Christmas lights.

Dec 8


I didn´t find much Christmas outside today, so lets focus on the Christmas darkness. We are getting close to the shortest day of the year. Todays sun rise/set 8:26 am  –  3:38pm
With so many dark hours, it´s good to have a canon or two in the back yard – just in case. They seem to like that idea at the Kronborg castle.