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Go visit  Cindy Dyer ´s  blog and you are in a world of high quality photos.  When Cindy post a video and write   “Wow” about it, I can´t wait to see it.

I saw it, and I am adding one more WOW! Or a lot more.

A day at the office

I saw this fun video at Deannas blog yesterday, and I just have to pass it on, – with a big smile-  to you, and a big
thank you to Deanna! 🙂

PS. If you want to sing along, the text is here.

Mr. Blackbird

It´s spring and this blackbird has captured our garden. Now he is announcing it from the highest point, trying to impress the female birds and keep the rivals at a distance.

Kayak roll-with a slowmotion replay!

Thanks to Michaela I found out how to post this video, and it showed up to be  SO easy! Well, if you know where to find the answer. The point is, that a video has to be uploadet somewhere else, before it is at wordpress. I used YouTube, Michaela told about Google, and I saw two other possibilities. When one has made a link to a video, everything is easy. The quality is not too good, that will be my next goal to improve.Thanks again, Michaela.