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Wonderful nature and fresh air, -but only one mobile internetmodem…! I´ll see what I can do.


street 800X549

Little red bus waiting for you…

city sight seeing bus Copenhagen

The royal Danish Guards


Every day, The royal Danish Guards are marching through Copenhagen. 

Today is the birthday of the crown prince of Denmark,  the guard will surely play for him in one way or another. You can read about prince Frederik and the royal family at this webpage

Tivoli in may

tivoli maj  
tivioi maj 09  
tivoli veteran tivoli veteran 2
tivoli maj 3 800X571
A nice and sunny day, the perfect weather for a walk in Tivoli.

Sunwatch walk

The north of Zealand

This photo was taken at 1 am pm. We are at the top of  Zealand. The country in the horizon is……do you know?————————
Scott Thomas is right, it is Sweden.
Only a few km. away, in the city Helsingør, it is possible to see our neighbour Sweden.

map zealand kronborg

A special place? (The little mermaid)

a special place?

I wonder if anyone would think of this humble place as host for a world famous tourist attraction…
Now that the famous little mermaid have been recognized, by Michaela and Wildblack, I will post a few more photos.


Take a good look at her, because soon she will go for a looong trip. Actualy she is going to China! You can find the mermaid in Shanghai from 1.5.2010 and the following 6 months, at Expo 2010

The little mermaid, Denmark  Langelinie, Denmark

Leaving the travelling mermaid.

A gift from Japan. WAGASHI


These beautiful WAGASHI (sweets) was send to me from my dear friend Sumire. They are too pretty to eat, I think…

Tivoli has opened

tivoli-in-spring-3-800x599 tivoli-in-spring-2-800x636 tivoli-in-spring-800x599 tivoli 

Tivoli is open.  In Danish this information is also slang for telling a person, that he has forgotten to close his zipper.

Tivoli history.