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Kings garden

Just a few minutes walk  away from the bike-parking chaos at Nørreport station, there is this big park called “Kongens have”  The kings garden.  A bit of a contrast to the busy life around it. The park is closed in the night, it opens at 7 in the morning, and close depending of the time of year. 5 pm at winter and 10 pm at midsummer. The Kings garden is connected to the little castle Rosenborg. Some of you may have seen photos from this park, here at my blog, many times – I know.

My rainy hometown

My intention was to find historical places a sunny day, but reality has often other plans. After a warm period, the weather has changed and is now as unreliable as it use to be. My contribution to Scotts assignment became a stack of wet and blurred photos, taken from the car. While it was running. I suppose you can call them snap shots, at least I was surprised to find some which could be used. I still have plans for going a sunny day, but who knows when that will be…more rain tomorrow. I´ll tell more about the buildings later.

I suppose you have heard about the beer Tuborg?  The old building seen from “Tuborgvej” (Tuborg-street).

We buy a lot of  rainwear in this country. Østerbrogade (East-bridge-street) is from 1647.

Eastport trainstation. (1897)

Near quay Langelinie,  The little mermaid is hiding behind the trees at left.

A short visit  from a giant. “MSC Poesia” at quay Langelinie.

December 23

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There is one question that gets the major attention  in December; will the Christmas be white or not. This year, I haven´t heard it discussed. The question this year has mainly been how to handle such a white Christmas. Tonights snowstorm has closed many roads, and in some areas people have been asked to stay home. In the area of Copenhagen, it hasn´t been that bad, and I went to the city to do some shopping. I had a lot of time to take photos, because the bus was so delayed. Never bored with a camera in hand, but it was a bit COLD.

December 16

A quick shot in between my shopping this evening. More snow.



December 10

The walking street (Strøget) in the center of Copenhagen.


Rain in the city

Copenhagen streets at flag flying day

Another day was added to the list of flag flying days last year. September 5th became official flag flying day to honour of all soldiers who have been on a mission abroad, since 1948. Yesterday I went to see the parade, with soldiers recently returned. I used the opportunity to take some photos of  Copenhagen streets for you.


We didn´t get rain at the backyard party yesterday, – we got cloudburst! Luckily a tent were protecting us, and we only had to deal with the noise. Cloudburst sounds pretty loud from the inside of a tent, I can tell you.  It lasted for hours.
Today we went to see the cleaning of the streets. Of course this is nothing compared to what happens in Pakistan right now, but this kind of weather is extreme in Denmark, and haven´t been registret for many years. Tonight there will be more water…

A – normaly – very busy main road to Copenhagen.

Does anyone know why some photos get unclear at the front page, like the one with the cars? It happens now and then, and I have no idea why.

Update: I have changed the settings for this photo from 480 pixel wich is the maximum width at this theme, into “original size”, wich is 500 pixels. The photo is clear now, but the explanation isn´t.

Cold bowl news

Cold bowl shopping.
Perhaps you have read my previous post about the Danish summer dish Kærnemælkskoldskål (Buttermilk cold bowl), of which we Danes are crazy about in the summertime. You might have seen my enthusiastic description as a bit overdone,  wich I can´t blame you, but let me  pass you some “Cold bowl” news, that I believe will remove any doubt of the importance of this dish.
The Danish football team have just been send 75 l of koldskål, all the way from Denmark  to South Africa, to help them get fit for the final fight  tomorrow (thursday) . Did this convince you?  Or do you need one more “Cold bowl” news to believe me? Well OK, the following should do it, at least it convinced me! 
A supermarket was robbed, the thief stole -not only all their money, but also – 1 liter of  Cold bowl. (Kærnemælkskoldskål.)
You need a recipe now, I guess.
Kærnemælks koldskål. (Buttermilk cold bowl)
 2 liter of Buttermilk
3-4 eggs
75 gram sugar
vanilla (½
1 lemon
1 dl. cream
Whip the eggs (for  a long time) with the sugar, then add  buttermilk. Make it taste as you prefer by adding vanilla and lemon. Finally add 1 dl. of whipped cream.  Use any kind of sweet biscuit if you accidentally doesn’t have any kammer junkere.