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A wet garden

wet may garden

Labour day

Fælledparken, Copenhagen

First of May was celebrated all over the country. This photo is from  “Fælledparken” in Copenhagen.

An unexpected guest

cat buffet

“While the cat´s away, the mouse will play at the table” is a Danish saying. I don´t know how you say this in english, but I guess that this is a world wide phenomenon.
While the guests at my brothers birthday party were talking, the neighbor cat came sneaking, to see if there were something delicious at the table….I had to laugh at those legs 🙂

The white forest floor



This is the sign of spring in Denmark,  Anemone nemorosa all over the forest floor. In a few weeks, when the trees get their leaves back,  they are all gone.


spring spring

The colors have returned


The weather has changed, and spring is definitely here. Some days with cleaning and digging the garden has given me a new friend, the blackbird, who seems to be realy pleased with my great worm-digging-skills. Actually I am beginning to feel like an employed, when it impatient stare at me, clearly hoping that I will do my worm-finding-job quickly, and then move on to another spot in the garden.

Spring is near :-)