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Colorful May

Tarding colorful may

After an unusual long winter, comes – of course – an unusual warm month. May hasn’t been that warm, in Denmark, for more than 100 years. Unusual is the new usual.



springtine in Denmark

Sunny days at spring is not a given thing, but we’ve been lucky, and I have been able to watch and enjoy all the new arrivals from a good spot, while sitting on an old garden bench. I was not the only one who had a good time at the bench, the woodpecker had too.

Winter aconite

erantis 2016 kopi

The first small flowers to see, as winter slowly comes to an end, is the Danish variant of Winter Aconite, Eranthis hyemalis

Tulips in yellow

tulips in yellow


snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.

What was the name of…

I don´t remember the name of the toy with mirrors and pearls, which make new images if it is moved. In my childhood, this was indeed a magic world, sometimes the pattern was so beautiful that they had to be shown to a parent or sibling, but was that ever possible? The quality that made it possible to create such wonders was the same quality that made it impossible to hand the toy over and share the joy. One tiny movement, and the picture had changed. If everything has a point, this one might be either to learn total muscle control or the fact that we never see things exactly the same. Sometimes almost, but never exactly. This picture was made the same way, almost by itself, and I´m showing it to you because I got surprised. I was making a mosaic, and had two copies of the same photo on the screen. Suddenly I had more…and here we are. But what was that toy called…?

Sunday drive

We went for a sunday drive, and as usual I took a lot of photos from the car while my husband were driving. We can´t stop every time I see a motive, so I have developed a routine in taking these car photos: whenever the car stops for red light, or of other reasons, I am ready to shoot. The camera is set for “sport” , wich is exactly how it feels having  to catch the motive so fast. My son has followed me in this, wich means that my husband now has two engaged photographers hanging out of the window every time the car slow down. Many times he try to make it clear, that his job as the driver necessarily must have top priority, but a true photographer are not receptive of that kind of objections, if a motive is in sight.

The other day, the evening sunlight was special, and I wanted to take some photos.  We were driving at a road without any traffic lights. No cars in front were slowing us down. No chance of capturing the warm colors…
I managed to make my husband stop the car, just for a short moment. While I was happily looking for a motive, my husband stood thinking, probably about how long he had to wait for me.

I found my motive.


The last apples from autumn is all eaten up now. In a very artistic way.

A Pick-me-up reward

Once more Scott Thomas has completed his assignment, with a detailed recap mentioning all of us who were attempting. Well done! It is almost as interesting to read this, as it is to see the photos. You should definately have some kind of reward…how could this be made…

When I visited Scott´s blog yesterday, I red that he appreciated a good “pick-me-up” these days. Very well, i´ll make one for you. Here it is,  a mosaic of the increasing sunlight.

Thank´s for a fun assignment, – and the recap.