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February inspiration 24

gardentools in snow

February is getting close to an end, and I´m close to run out of inspiration, March better come with a load of good stuff.

February inspiration 15

snow wood denmark

February inspiration 12

snow 12

December 18

More snow…

December 9

The reason that I am a bit busy these days, is because I am having a welcoming visit of  my Greek friend Andreas, and his wife Mira.  Andreas has made boat trips at Samos for more than 35 years now, and he is known as Captain Andreas by anyone who have been visiting this beautiful island. I believe  that only a  few people know how much work it really takes, to make these trips become – and look like – a paradise of relaxing, enjoying the sun, the sea and the serving. But believe me, this is work from early morning to late evening – only interrupted by some cold winter months. Partly spend in Denmark, this year.

Yesterday was only 0 degrees, and the snow started melting…

…but today it started to snow again.

Snow lamp

When the snow started to melt last week, it became very good as modeling material. I suddenly remembered how nice this snow lamp looks in the night, and hurried out to make one, before it was too late. A small candle in the middle made it look like if our (outdoor) rabbit expected guests for a party. Too bad the snow almost have melted away now…

Birdmade stilleben

My birds are very creative, they made this little artwork for me today.  I´m not sure if the bird placed the leaf, though. Maybe I should credit the wind too.

More snow