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Frost again

lyserød blomst

ice on a window

Frost again, and this time it will last until March, says the meteorological system. All there is to do is wait for better times, think of summer and participate in Scott Thomas´s newest assignment: “Winter”. It shouldn´t be difficult, inspiration is everywhere. Unfortunately much longer than deadline for the assignment which is January 23.

Assignment 23: Winter


and the weather right now….


Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.




We didn´t get rain at the backyard party yesterday, – we got cloudburst! Luckily a tent were protecting us, and we only had to deal with the noise. Cloudburst sounds pretty loud from the inside of a tent, I can tell you.  It lasted for hours.
Today we went to see the cleaning of the streets. Of course this is nothing compared to what happens in Pakistan right now, but this kind of weather is extreme in Denmark, and haven´t been registret for many years. Tonight there will be more water…

A – normaly – very busy main road to Copenhagen.

Does anyone know why some photos get unclear at the front page, like the one with the cars? It happens now and then, and I have no idea why.

Update: I have changed the settings for this photo from 480 pixel wich is the maximum width at this theme, into “original size”, wich is 500 pixels. The photo is clear now, but the explanation isn´t.

Wet spring

It is told that the next two-three days will be sunny, with temperatures a little higher than the 12-17C we are having today. Hopefully it won´t cause heatstroke for anyone.  These photos are from the past week.

Please notice that Scott Thomas has made a new assignment, open for everyone.

Forecast for the week-end: Wet flowers.

This winter aconite daisy (bellis perennis) have changed itself into a little bowl, – or a big pool, depending of the size of the viewer. The weather isn´t exactly nice at the moment, the temperature is about  10C (50F) and it is windy and raining. Time for catching some wet motives, one never knows when the heat comes…


Autumn 09 collage

This week end was cold, rainy, and very windy. Leaves are falling from the trees, and we try to prepare for the black silhouettes that soon will appear everywhere. Temperature tomorrow will be about 13 degree. A suitable time for blogging is near!

Does it rain at Vanuatu?

Maybe you have noticed the flagcounter I have on this blog? Some time ago, I saw it on  Nivins blog Wollreflections, and thought it might be fun to have one myself. I installed it, (no problem) and found out that it is not only fun, but  educational too, because every flag has a link to a very informative page about everything that can be told about that country/state/place.

Today I learned about the Republic of Vanuatu. Did you know about this lovely island…? I´m just wondering why anyone at Vanuatu spend time in front of a computer, having paradise outside…comming to think of laptops,  they can be used under palm trees too, I suppose. 
Well, I will take a walk in the rain, and think about Vanuatu.




After the rain