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Vacation- new assignment

vacation swanes

Once again Scott Thomas are hosting a photo assignment.
This time the subject is “Vacation”. Don´t miss this chance to get an audience for your vacation photos. 🙂
Go to Scott´s blog and read about how to do. Deadline is December 4.


fern bregne

February inspiration 9

red dryed tulips1

Ordinary inspiration

Sometimes, when it seems like there isn´t anything to take pictures of, it’s time to open ones eyes a little bit more. Here is what I saw a rainy day, while waiting for summer to come:  A melon in a bowl with holes, a folded foil, a little puddle, a cherry stalk  and a pizza bag.

( Still waiting for summer …)

PS. If you need inspiration, take a look at this great blog

A little music for Scott´s assignment

Once again an assignment has been arranged by Scott Thomas, this time with the subject “The rules of thirds”. Deadline was yesterday, I haven´t had time for joining it, so I will let this musician play a tune while Scott draw the winner of the price, and write the traditional recap. Always an interesting read.

Autumn leave

A bit too early, if you ask me.

Tired peony

What a party it must have been. Here is how Miss Peony looked before the ball:



Hi there…

..have you seen Tracys lazy squirrels ? They sure know how to relax, – unlike me and my brother.




Frostsnow in circles